Ethics & Sustainability 

Our ethics 

At Okelani Beauty, creating products from the nurture of home automatically enables the abundant feeling of love and care. This is the foundation at Okelani Beauty. We believe the energy we put into our products is the energy we'd give out to our customers. We are dedicated to the pursuit of higher quality and greater sustainability in all that we do, challenging industry standards and practices at every stage of our production process. We are proud of our successes and motivated by the knowledge that there will always be areas where we can push further. Our customers’ trust means everything to us, which is why we are committed to transparency about our materials, sourcing and manufacturing practices.

Our Sustainability and Packaging 

We take a holistic approach to create more sustainable products & packaging, to ensure that we reduce the amount of waste we use when importing and exporting. This means being attentive to implementing meditative designs and working closely with our supplier partnerships. Our natural jute bags are printed with non-toxic vegetable dye and our bottles are designed to be refilled we have worked with our sticker manufactures to ensure that the label is waterproof and designed for resistance. 

We believe that our efforts are just the beginning to ensuring that we do our part to better to the environment. We understand that there is more that we can do and look for new ways to improve this We are dedicated to continuously improving our sustainability practices and setting new industry standards.

Our Refill System 
We believe that refills are futuristic, which is why we’re committed to offering refill systems for as many Okelani Beauty products as possible. By refilling your beauty products instead of replacing them, you are helping us contribute to a significant reduction in remaking glass and packaging waste. Refiling is a practice we’re proud of and one we hope to help normalise in our industry.
Our ingredient systems 

We craft our oil formulas to the highest standards of quality and transparency, using only the most effective natural and clinical ingredients. Our formulations are vegan, less than 2% fragrance and cruelty-free, made without the many particles deemed unsafe by the European Union. Our products exclude parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, and silicones. All of our products are cosmetic tested and safe to use on all hair types.