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Abundance Hair and Beard Oil

Abundance Hair and Beard Oil

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Abundance Hair & Beard oil uses ingredients that help replenish length, regrowing certain thinning areas on your scalp, effective dandruff and itchiness treatment, adds shine & strength to hair, excellent for dry scalp and beards too. 


Mixed blend of: 

  • Black Seed oil 

includes vitamins A, B & C, thymoquinone - powerful natural soothing agent 


  • Avocado oil 

includes vitamins A, D & E


  • Castor oil 

contains the highest percentage of fatty acids (omega 6-fatty acids) - promote hair growth by increasing the growth factors in human dermal oapilla cells - regulate hair growth cycle 


  • Jojoba oil 

 includes vitamins C, B vitamins, vitamin E, copper and zinc 


  • Lavender oil 

aromatherapy - rejuvenates and energises your mind & body, improves sleep quality and uplifting your mood. if you have a migraine - works wonderfully to relieve you from it 


  • Ylang-Ylang oil

aromatherapy - relieve stress (mix with lavender oil for a powerful sedating effect), powerful uplifiting component and helps promote a positive outlook 


How do I use the oil for best results?


Inversion method:

  • Apply oil to scalp morning and evening on designated area
  • Tilt your head upside down
  • Massaging the oil into your scalp for 4 minutes
  • Set alarms to remember to apply oil promptly


Scalp Massager Brush:


  • Soft, flexible bristles
  • Stimulate and exfoliate the scalp
  • Increase hair thickness by stretching the living hair follicle cells and stimulating them to produce thicker individual hairs
  • Use in your spare time for 5 minutes a day as well as shampooing / deep cleaning your hair
  • Increases blood flow which encourages hair growth


DIY hot oil treatment:


Increase blood flow, fewer split ends, reduces frizz and moisturises your hair - seals the hair cuticle to protect your hair from damage


    100ml glass pipette bottle (golden and floral scent)

    This product will be good for 12 months after opening

    Products have been legally tested and avaliable to sell

    Okelani beauty does not conduct and forbids animal testing on ALL products, products are made in a cleaniness friendly home environment and products are friendly for vegan users


    Okelani Beauty is a sustainable hair care brand that invites customers to resend their products back to our designated address for refills, once product has exempted use. Providing that customer uses their own postage packaging, keeps the product in the jute bag and loyalty card, to deliver back via postage courier.

    We are not accountable if the refill goes missing when being sent back, please use tracked service to avoid any mishaps.