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50ml Refill

50ml Refill

SKU: 5020899

To ensure we as a brand are doing our part to save the environment by using less glass bottles, we offer a refill service where customers send back their bottles to us, providing that the customer uses their own postage packaging, keeps the bottle in the jute bag and sends back the loyalty card to be rewarded for their contribution to survival of earth. 


    Use 20REFILL at the basket for your refill discount to be applicable, please then wait for a free return label via the email you have provided for your order 


    Okelani Beauty is a sustainable hair care brand that invites customers to resend their products back to our designated address for refills, once product has exempted use. Providing that customer uses their own postage packaging, keeps the product in the jute bag and loyalty card, to deliver back via postage courier.

    We are not accountable if the refill goes missing when being sent back, please use tracked service to avoid any mishaps.