About Okelani Beauty 

Okelani beauty is an inclusive hair and beauty product company founded by Natasha Osei with a mission to provide natural hand-made beauty products crafted with an abundance of love, tranquillity and power. Through holistic solutions, Okelani stimulates individuals to release and let go to truly connect the mind to the soul. Embracing sustainable living whilst being beautiful. 

Through extensive knowledge of natural remedies, Natasha combined her cultural influences (hailing from Ghana), and the desire to embrace the versatility of black hair. Giving customers an experience of restoring growth again in the most natural and sustainable way. 

The name Okelani is of Hawaiian origin. The meaning of Okelani is 'from heaven'

Okelani is a desire of self-expression and for positions that allow contact with people, free from the restrictions and monotony. 

"we are powerful beyond measure"  - Marilyn Monroe 
Natasha Osei, CEO of Okelani Beauty